Monday, January 7, 2013

love love love (some updates from the last week)

i am in the middle of a brief two week hiatus from taking pictures in the mountains as it is too cold and the roads aren't so passable and i have friends in town (!) so we are doing all the fun non mountain related things in a whirlwind two week extravaganza. like going to varanasi, seeing the ganges during sunrise and sunset, going to agra, seeing the taj mahal! going to jaipur and jodhpur. seeing camels all of a sudden everywhere. freezing cold, constant fog, toes frozen. new scenery, different weather, everything. the taj mahal was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. the things that have been done for love. incredible.

some pictures from the last week:

Night Varanasi

Blue Wall


Ceiling Stars at Hotel Apollo International

Obligatory "No big deal, just us hanging out at the Taj Mahal" photo

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