Saturday, February 16, 2013

catching up- or 6 weddings, 1 beach and 3 snowmen

we have not had solid wifi connectivity in a tragically long time!!! so much to say, so much catching up... so! many! pictures!

since mount abu we were in bombay and now back to manali. bombay was incredible and now its good to be back in himachal pradesh.

i'll just go chronologically from the last days in mount abu to the present. here are the highlights:

Wedding Flowers


Kashmir Honeymoon Photo Album (1980s)

Wedding Planner

Wedding #2 Flowers


Young Couple

Field Before the Wedding

Looking on

Wedding Guests


Minister of Tourism, Mount Abu

The Day After the Wedding

Lamhe Hands (Manali) 

Lamhe Hands (Manali) #2

Snow Heart

Solang Valley

Ski Student
Army Landscape


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