Sunday, March 3, 2013

fulbright conference!!!

I have been behind in my blogging for a few reasons.... tons of travel, no internet, etc. and also a really great fun reason: The Fulbright Conference was in Cochin last week. Cochin was amazingly beautiful and tropical. An awesome break from all the snow. Getting to meet all of the other Fulbrighters was so much fun and the conversations that swirled around the conference are still fresh on my mind. It was great to see all of the work that everyone is doing across the country on so many fascinating topics. And it was great to see and thank all of the Fulbright staff again in person for all of their work in putting  the conference together! And I'll say it again here! Thank you for a fantastic conference!!!!

I was so busy seeing all of the presentations and exploring Cochin that I barely took a single photo while I was there... just a few with my cell phone. On one of the afternoons we went to Clayfingers Pottery where another Fulbrighter, Chotsani did a residency. We had so much fun wandering around by the water, eating delicious food, visiting temples, playing with the dog, talking about art.

Here are the few photos I have from that afternoon... and now we're back to the mountains! DARJEELING!




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