Tuesday, June 4, 2013

bangalore edit

Here are the photos in the show that is up currently at 1 Shanthi Road Gallery in Bangalore for those who are curious. The show is up for one more day tomorrow from 11-7 pm! Come by if you're around!

Hands, Feet and Snow (Manali)

Khabie, Khabie (film still, dir. Yash Chopra, 1976)

Untitled (Bangalore)

Tissues (Bangalore)

Cinema Doors (Jaipur)

Man Photographing (Mount Abu)

Film Still (appropriated image, exact date unknown)

Untitled 2 (Bangalore)

Roads (Sikkim)

Steam Engine Landscape (Darjeeling)

Bunny Boy (Khajjiar)

Hands Photographing (Darjeeling)

Laura After the Wedding (Mount Abu)

Train Conductor (Darjeeling)

Girl Scout (Darjeeling)
Woodsman (Manali)

Film Still (appropriated image, exact date unknown)

The Valley (Manali)

Untitled 3 (Bangalore)

The Diamond Sea (Flying from Mumbai to Goa)

Family Vacation 1 (vernacular image, exact date unknown)

Family Vacation 2 (vernacular image, exact date unknown)

Stars (Manali)

Snow Ladies (Sikkim)

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