Monday, October 22, 2012

city market and botanical gardens

suresh has an amazing wealth of knowledge of bangalore and took us all around this morning. we left at seven am, went to the botanical gardens first and then to the city market. 
laura and i with a big tree

botanical garden in bangalore
botanical gardens
the city market was amazing. so beautiful, chaotic and peaceful all at once. there were so many layers, levels, corners and each turn made me think of some kind of fantastic italo calvino story. stuff this insane and pretty makes me weirdly speechless so i'll just post some pictures right now.

palm zone
and last but not least i am officially registered! i feel like a champ! like i ran out of there like i had just finished my final exams in high school! bam bam bam bam bam!
more from the registration office

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  1. Oh, your "poetry" about the market. . . Well, it's wondrous.
    And I did have to laugh about registration. Government hoops to be jumped through are always a religious experience, right?