Saturday, October 20, 2012

You never knew why you felt so good in the strangest of places like in waiting rooms and long lines that made you late

we are in bangalore now! it is so beautiful, so many flowers everywhere, palm trees, nice weather, just awesome. i'm really glad my residency will be here for the last three months of my fulbright. bangalore! it feels oddly familiar and comforting. we met suresh who is the director of the artist residency i'll be staying at and he was super nice and helpful. and then it was off to the foreign regional registration office! we took auto rickshaws there which had been built up as scary but if you've ever been in the back of a pick up truck its like that only it feels safer. i would've taken pictures but i was too busy just looking so no pictures just yet.
we then spent 6 hours waiting at the foreign regional registration office in bangalore. i didn't know it would take 6 hours but it did. it was strangely comforting and in sick way, sort of fun. i really like observing bureaucracy: its so detail oriented, dedicated, intricate, etc. i kept checking out other people's passports while i was there and saw people from tanzania, mongolia, iran, argentina, etc. etc.  i met a couple of really nice guys from iraq who are here studying  to be pharmacists and we talked about how we'd seen each other cities over google earth. he told me he thought tennessee would be full of outlaws(?) which is a stereotype i haven't yet heard but i like it. refreshing and so mysterious! outlaws! and after another few hours of friendly conversation with everyone else in the waiting room about x-men (the movie) and how it feels to be in india, they reported back that they need one. last. bit. of. information. from. me. and to come back on monday! hooray!

1 of 2 waiting rooms. x-treme waiting!
mysore today.

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