Thursday, October 11, 2012



I am an artist going to India for 9 months to take photographs for a Fulbright Research Scholarship.
I should mention that I've never blogged before so I hope this is enjoyable. I am doing this mostly so my friends and family can see what I'm up to (at least those who aren't on Facebook) but it's not a platform for me to show the work I'm making while in India. There might be some work in progress images here and there but not a comprehensive view of my work. I am thinking of this blog as more of a behind the scenes travelogue type of thing. I may or may not be updating my website while I'm there. If you're curious my website is 

For my Fulbright project, “Photographing Imagined Landscapes: The Switzerland of India,” I will visit the northern hill stations of India from Darjeeling to Dalhousie and others in between, all of which lay claim to the landscape of “the Switzerland of India.” I am fascinated by what has happened in this particular region; through tourism, marketing and, in particular, Bollywood filmmaking, another landscape (the Swiss Alps) has been imagined throughout the northern Indian landscape, and in its place an imitation of an imitation has been constructed. I will be photographing the cultural confluence of this region at the daybreak of the Indian middle class tourist industry.

I leave on October 15th from Nashville, TN. 

Last but not least is a disclaimer:

The views and information expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone and do not represent the Department of State or the Fulbright Program.  This is not an official Department of State or Fulbright Program website or blog.


  1. I'm pretty excited to be witness to your trip! Amazing. Congrats on the Fulbright.

  2. Christine, awesome blog! You're an inspiration!